Pushing Nostalgia Buttons – with the Nokia 3310

What is Nostalgia Marketing?   We all know that brands have – since forever – used all means necessary to spread a new idea or thought that would engage their target audience, sometimes by stating the obvious that we often take for granted. (Yes, P&G did a great job with the “mom campaign”.) Talking about… Read More »

3 Tools to Create Social Media Visuals

Do you create custom images for social media?Looking for tools to streamline the design process? There are some new desktop design tools that make it easy to quickly create multiple graphics for social media. In this article, you’ll discover three user-friendly desktop tools to create visuals for social media. Why Create Images via Desktop? If you want to batch… Read More »

Business Terms in Design for E-Commerce. Sales Basics

Modern design has multiple faces, sides and directions. Business Terms in Design for E-Commerce. Some of them are more artistic than the others which are deeper concentrated on profits and goals. However, any way it goes design is the sphere with different perspective. Design is goal-oriented and problem-solving activity applying art to serve people. “Contrary… Read More »

Angry Joybynature.com employee claims fraud

An employee of www.Joybynature.com, an eCommerce company known for selling organic and natural products in India was fired. Here is how and angry Joybynature.com employee claims fraud. NOTE: This post exists for the sole intention of creating awareness. Below is the email he shot out to all the vendors of Joybynature.com around 3pm on 28th April, 2016: _… Read More »

How to Connect With Local Audience With Pinterest

Are you trying to engage with your local community? Wondering how to connect with local audience with Pinterest? Pinterest, with strong geographic focus can help you gain more visibility with the local audience. Below are a few points on how you can connect with you local ausience with Pinterest. 1: Have You Added Geographic Information… Read More »

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

Do you believe that you are using your LinkedIn company page to its fullest potential? Wondering how to improve your LinkedIn company page? With LinkedIn company pages, you can provide value to your community while effectively engaging them with your business, establishing yourself as a credible and trusted resource. There are seven ways to improve… Read More »